How To Wear Yellow Eye Shadow The Right Way.


I’ve never worn a yellow eye shadow before so this was going to be an interesting experience. Let me tell you!

I have a yellow base skin tone so I had to be careful in applying this colour without looking like I was sick. Now the secret in using a yellow colour is making sure you compliment the yellow with a colour that is going to be striking on other features of your face.

Porcelain to fair skin – mustard tones.

Medium to tan skin – bronzy, gold tones.

Dark skin – bright egg yoke tones.

In this particular look I went for a bright bold almost magenta lipstick. This is going to warm up my skin tone and warm it up in more of a pinkish cooler tone instead of bringing out more of my yellow tone, if I ended up using a bronzy, brownish lipstick. With this particular lip colour I mixed two colours. First I added the darkest shade (mellow cosmetics New York matte lipstick) then I waited a few seconds for that to dry and then added the Lime Crime Marshmallow colour on top, this lightened up the shade and gave it a unique light magenta shade.

For the base I went with a mattifying foundation to powder finish as I wanted to have a flawless base so my eyes, cheeks and lip colour popped the most. For a cheek colour I use my mac powder blush (a deep rosy colour) that deepened the texture of my face and brought out that yellow canary colour.

Products used:

Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation Mattifying Oil Free in ‘light beige’

Mac Cosmetics Powder Blush

Mellow Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipstick

Lime Crime Velvetine ‘Marshmallow’

Mac Eye Liner

I’ve added links below for all the products I’ve used in this look.

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So many of us are nervous to add a pop of colour to our eyes because we don’t want to grab a lot of attention or feel like a makeup freak. Well what I have found ladies is, that isn’t the case when you know where and how much to apply onto your face.

Here are some simple tips on how to apply your favourite eye shadow colour.

  1. Choose a colour that is complimentary to your eye colour. What I mean by this is finding a colour that makes your natural eye colour pop. A simple way of doing this is by searching the net. Everything is found on there with a click of a button.
  2.  Makeup sure you use a good eye primer, this will hold your eye shadow in place longer without the eye shadow falling into the creases of the skin on the eye. Try Urban Decay
  3. Use a small flat eye shadow brush to apply the coloured eye shadow onto your whole lid, try the Sigma brushes adding more colour to the middle and upper middle part of the lid, then use a blending eye shadow brush blend your colour upwards towards your crease (the part of skin that folds when you open your eyes) blending upwards creating a faded colour.
  4. Apply a smudge proof eye liner into the inner water line.
  5. Take your first eye shadow brush you used to apply the colour onto the top lid and use this to apply an intense line with the eye shadow onto your bottom lash line, blending it softly to give you that sexy smokey colour eye.

Remember to have fun with your makeup and don’t take it to seriously. It’s meant to be creative and fun, using it to enhance your natural beauty.

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Making Up The Next Generation To Feel Good About Themselves

Working as a makeup artist I have to say is one of the best jobs in the world, it’s not even a job really, and I can’t believe I get to make a living at it. I have the privilege to make up many faces and hear many stories of peoples backgrounds and experiences.

I develop and teach makeup and self-esteem workshops and quite recently in a self-esteem session I found that our young generation expressed how bombarded they feel with social media, magazines and society that are constantly telling them how they should look, feel and act and live an unrealistic lifestyle that only few can afford. Now this is something I hear all the time and quite frankly the pressure that is put upon these young girls is enormous.

I need to have a six pack, my flat tummy isn’t good enough…

I want to be skinny, tall and sexy….

The most common denominator for girls in their teens is that they are always worried about what people thing of them and how people perceive them. When they get involved in a workshop like this they start to connect with their inner self, become aware of where their self-esteem sits and how they can overcome their issues with simple and effective strategies. By the end of this workshop these girls feel empowered and have a voice that is strong and confident.

Each and every one of us has the power to help influence and change our young generations, so lets do this together….

If you would like more information about these workshops click this link

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How To Create A Baby Doll Makeup Look


A baby doll makeup look is one that gives you an airbrushed, cute and girly finish, using subtle or bright colours to enhance your eyes, cheeks and lips. Remember to use colours that bring out your skin tone, eyes, cheeks and lips, keeping the rest of your makeup base flawless.

To create a doll like look these are the products that I used.

Smashbox eye shadow palette

Mac mineralize blush in ‘pink’

Mac creme lipstick in ‘azalea’

Runwayroom Cosmetics face base G

Runwayroom Cosmetics setting powder

Runwayroom Cosmetics lipstick ‘peach patrol’

Nars larger than life long wear eyeliner pencil ‘black’

Mac highlighter ‘global glow’ and ‘soft and gentle’

Mac bronzer ‘tan’

 Modelrock lashes ‘117’







Ladies it’s so important to clean your makeup brushes and you might be wondering why, well let me tell you!

Every time you use your makeup brushes there is always residue of old makeup, dead skin cells, dirt, oil and the worst is bacteria that stays on your brushes. You can only imagine how your pretty brushes must feel when you don’t clean them, they must be screaming out for help. Just imagine that you were a makeup brush and your owner didn’t clean you, oh my goodness I would literally die. So just think of your brushes like your precious babies that need to be cleaned and cared for.

Here are some tips on how to clean your brushes.

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How to intensify your eye shadow colours


Ladies I sometimes find because I have ethnic features sometimes the eye shadows I use can look really faded or the colour isn’t looking as strong on my eye as it doesn’t when I look at the product. So if you wanting to revive your eye shadows then I have the perfect product for you.

I use duraline from Inglot cosmetics and it is brilliant! It’s a waterless clear liquid that can intensify the colour of any eye shadow and transform it into an easy to apply, water resistant liquid.

It’s a very simple technique that anyone can use. Firstly choose your favourite eye shadow colour that you want to revive, then add a few drops of duraline into the product, I prefer to use the eye shadow lid as a surface to mix the wet liquid eye shadow, then using an eye shadow brush apply this onto your eye lid.

IMG_7769  IMG_7770 IMG_7771


Makeup with a mission!



IMG_7055 IMG_7056



Ladies for the month of June my sister and I have embarked on a rewarding journey where we had the pleasure of running makeup, styling and self-esteem workshops within some rural communities around South Australia. I have to say it has been such a rewarding experience. Everyone had so much fun learning, being creative and gaining some important life skills.

I have lived in South Australia for most of my life and I have never ventured into the country, which I must say is quite beautiful. The air was fresh and crisp, the quaint country style stores, fresh pastry from the local bakery and the people where so warm and inviting.

I loved every minute of it!

As part of my makeup business I develop and teach makeup and self-esteem workshops because I have a passion to help young girls and women look and feel their best.

What does this mean? 

Well I educate women on how to have a healthy relationship with makeup, how not to use makeup as a mask to hide something deeper, how to build your self-esteem with creative and fun activities, helping you explore and embrace your strengths, whilst learning to apply your makeup like a pro to enhances your natural features, and much more.

Learning to love your outer and inner shell is so important and in today’s society we seem to be more focussed on perfection, which isn’t reality. There’s a pressure put on women to look perfect at all the times which I completely disagree with.  We are all unique for a reason. If we look and act the same this world would be very average.

Embrace your style, features and personality

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Steps To Looking After Your Skin


Algologie skincare is what I use now and because I have sensitive skin it’s light enough to not cause any skin irritation, and strong enough to give my skin the right nutrients it needs.

Click here to see their range of skincare.

Newsletter pics  Make sure you cleanse your face morning and night

Steps to looking after your skin is really important. Why is that you ask?

Our skin is the biggest living organism and it’s constantly changing in texture, colour and form. It needs to be nurtured, fed and looked after like every other living thing.

                                     You should treat your skin like your bff

What happens if I don’t look after my skin?
Your skin will lack nutrition. Just like us we need food and water to look and feel our best, this is how our skin is. If we deprive it of water, skin food (veggies) and good skincare it’s going to look dull, dry, scaly, and sometimes the surface will feel like sandpaper. When you skin doesn’t get it’s daily fix it starts to build up with dirt and bacteria, clogging your skin which results in pimples, back heads, white heads, rashes and possibly other skin conditions.

So here are some basic skincare steps that I do to help me keep my skin nourished, clean and healthy from the inside out. I hope this will help you add to your routine and get your skin glowing all day long.

Every morning I will cleanse my skin to remove any skincare product from the night before thats sitting on my skin. If you want to use a toner that’s great but I find that my cleanser does the trick in giving my skin a good cleanse. So use a toner if your cleanser hasn’t removed all the dirt.

It’s important that your skin is clean before you start your skincare and makeup routine

Next apply an eye cream (the skin around your eye area is paper thin so this step is important), then moisturise and let all the product settle into the skin for about 5-10 minutes. Now your ready to start your makeup look for the day.

Most women seem to think that cleansing, toning and moisturising are the only things to do, but theres a couple more steps to add to your skincare routine. So here they are ladies.

Using a face scrub twice a week (most are sold with a grainy texture) will help exfoliate your skin and smooth out the surface, especially those nasty blackheads that leave your skin feeling bumpy.

Use a face mask once a week normally towards the end of your week is best. This product will give your skin that extra kick that it needs to really get into the deeper layers of your skin, bringing out all the dirt that’s hidden within. A good mask will draw out those blackheads, pimples and whiteheads. Just keep in mind that sometimes your skin will break out, which is a natural reaction, because all that grit and grime needs to come to the surface for your skin to repair itself.

Just to get you a bit more excited about your skincare I have listed a few high and low end skincare recommendations that I have used before. Sometimes buying a skincare range can feel stressful and overwhelming as there’s so much on the market, if this is the case for you then I’d suggest speaking to a skincare specialist at a department store that’s knows their skincare or booking in to see a beauty therapist for a skin analysis, before you purchase your products. This is one thing I’m glad I did.
High-end skincare:
Ella Bache

Low-end skincare:
Kosmea (Rose hip oil used as a night serum instead of a night moisturiser)
Clean & Clear

Find out the importance of using a face mask here



Until next time Beauty Queens!

When do I get rid of my makeup brushes?

When do you throw out you old makeup brushes?

Are your makeup brushes smelly, matted and just building up with new makeup on top of old makeup, then ladies it’s time to throw out those useless brushes.

Makeup brushes are such a great way to apply your makeup on easily and they help you to apply your makeup within minutes so they need to become your bestie not your enemy. It’s very important to remember that you’ve got to look after them if you want them to last a while, otherwise they will look like the brush in this video.

Remember to buy a brush cleaner so you can sanitise your makeup brushes after you finish applying your makeup, then they are clean and fresh for your next application.

Use a soft shampoo or dishwashing detergent to wash your brushes once a week, just so your giving it that thorough clean. Try Tresemme shampoo which is sold at your local supermarket within Australia.

This quickie clip will help you to recognise when you makeup brushes have come to the end of their life. I hope this inspires you to go on and purchase some new brushes.

Affordable Brush Cleaners:

  1. Mac cosmetics sells a great liquid cleaner where you add a few drops onto a cotton pad and then apply your brushes to it, gently cleaning the makeup of. It retails for $40 Australia wide.
  2. Models Prefer can be bought from Priceline (within Australia only) and it retails for only $12.
  3. Artiste is another bargain that is from Priceline as well and it’s $14.

So next time throw out the old and embrace the new!

Playing with berries of colour!

IMG_5574 IMG_5575

This is a great look for Winter ladies especially if you want to add some colour into your makeup routine. When the colder months hit our skin tends to go shallow and sometimes a bit ashy if you have that yellow base skin, but if your fair then your skin will have more of a blue base to it so colour is a great way to brighten up your image and day.

With this makeup look if you want to try it you can have a few options, such as, going for the strong lipstick and brighter cheeks or you can keep your cheeks softer with the stronger eye shadow option or you can try this whole look.

Playing with berries of colour always will give you a more youthful and sophisticated look that’s quite strong and powerful.

Products used:

Revlon liquid foundation

Mac studio fix powder ‘NC30’

Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder in ‘auburn’

Savvy long wearing eye liner in ‘indigo’

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill mascara in ‘black’

Mac satin lipstick in ‘cyber’

Nars blush in ‘LOKOUM’ mixed with Napoleon colour disc blush ’70’