makeup and self-esteem workshop

This popular workshop is designed for schools; non-profit organisations, health and wellness centers, and other organisations that are looking to help improve their students or staff members. This is a fun, educational, safe and interactive workshop, where each session runs for two hours with a practical makeup session demonstration at the end, where each individual learns the latest makeup trends, tips and tricks to enhance their natural beauty. This workshop runs for five weeks, each session is for two hours.

The key components covered in this workshop are –

  • What healthy self-esteem means and what it is composed of...
  • Increase self-knowledge by exploring personal skills, traits, talents, and goals (e.g. quiz, questionnaire, etc.)
  • Strengthen self-support by understanding what you need and how to obtain it.
  • Learn how to build self-esteem through self-nurturing behavior.
  • Gaining tools/ techniques to deal with issues such as, body image, anorexia, depression, anxiety, communication, self-worth.
  • Learn a step-by-step Day to Night makeup, a party look, proper skincare and grooming techniques, know the correct eye shadow colours and eye designs to use that suit you, and create a work makeup look.

Five week Makeup and Self-esteem workshop package:
Makeup mirrors are provided
Individuals bring their own makeup
Receive a FREE makeup e-booklet

Travel costs for weddings and jobs on location may apply according to time and costs involved.

Below is an recent article from a school workshop